1. Do you deliver?

  • We have a limited delivery area. Give us a call at 330-317-2017 to discuss.


2. What is the difference between BioBlocks and EZ Bricks?

  • The two brands are made nearly identically.  The difference comes in the size.  EZ Bricks are a large (10″x4″) block.  BioBlocks are smaller (3.75″x 5.75″).  EZ Bricks are wrapped 6 per pack and BioBlocks are 12 per pack.  BioBlocks are also available in bulk, meaning they can be sold on a skid unwrapped (individual bricks).


3. Does the price include tax?

  • Yes, our listed prices include tax.


4. Can I store compressed wood outside?

  • Compressed wood can be stored outside, but it needs to be protected from direct rain/snow.  It can withstand the general humidity of being outside, but if it were under a pouring water it would become saturated and ruined.  Since the blocks are sold wrapped in plastic, if you were to store them under a tarp, sitting on top of their pallet, they should be fine.  Just do your best to keep them protected from water and you’ll be good to go.